8-Pack Childproofing Corner Guard,Child Safety Corner Protector,Home Furniture Safety… Review

8-Pack Childproofing Corner Guard,Child Safety Corner Protector,Home Furniture Safety...

  • The furniture safety corner is 8-pack for a sack,use for infant & kiddie & toddler and Sticks on Strong and Installs on all surfaces dangerous furniture,such as coffee table & granite edges & corner bed frame.
  • The safe edge and corner cushion is made of NBR.Non-Toxic and Odor free,resistance to oils,corrosion,acid and alkali.Easy to clean up.Even if the child bites the corners,these contain the least chemicals,and Still take care of children’s health.
  • The corner counter protector comes with 3M double sided Adhesive tape,simply peel the back of the tape,and place at the desired corner where you want.It can usually be used for bedroom,living room,kitchen and other places,can be installed at will.
  • As a infant table protection products,When the body is hit,the density of the shock absorbing foam is more important than the thickness.Foam rubber cushion material is Soft, high-density, premium L-shaped cushions absorb impact and protect your loved ones from the hard, sharp corners and edges in your home, school, daycare, preschool, hospital, assisted living facility, senior housing, work area, office, museum, restaurant, hotel and more.Bumper guards for bed & kids table corner protector.
  • This soft corner guards has Brown,Black and Oyster,3 colors available to you to choose,Use a very wide range.Easy counter cover & kitchen corner protector & granite edges & small corner guards & large corner guards and so on.

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Would you like to protect your family and prevent bumps and bruises from sharp corners. Are you worried about your child bumping their heads on sharp edges while running and playing. The faster they are the harder the impact could be if not protected right.

Well, the Meetbaby Edge Guards are manufactured and sold by Meetbaby are perfectly Soft and Thick to absorb the impact to provide you the peace of mind you are looking for. And best of all these table bumpers come with pre-applied 3M double sided tape, simply peel the edge tape cover and apply the corners at the desired location. How easy can it be! We have removed the hassle of cutting the tape, and placing 4 pieces of the tape on each corner, instead making it an easy 30 seconds install.

These soft cushion corners are made of high-quality NON-TOXIC EVA Rubber material to withstand any impact.

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Do not wait too long when it comes to Home Safety. Protect your kids, your pets, and the whole family from sharp edges and furniture corners.


We have decades of experience in the baby products and we have been adhering to the scientific, healthy and safe concept.

We continue to improve ourselves to create a happy childhood life for every child.

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