Baby Monitor to Hear Your Baby’s Kicks, Hiccups and More, Review

Baby Monitor to Hear Your Baby’s Kicks, Hiccups and More,

  • ❃ LISTENING TO THE SOUNDS OF YOUR BABY IS LIKE MUSIC TO A MOMMY’S EARS! – Belmint baby monitor offers the opportunity to hear the most beautiful sound in the world. The device comes with two sets of earphones that allow mom and dad listen their baby’s, and much more
  • ❃ RECORD YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABY SOUNDS – Our baby monitor comes with a recording cable attachment so you can save the amazing sounds on your computer or cellphone to playback later, even more share with your friends, family, and loved ones
  • ❃ CRYSTAL-CLEAR AUDIO WITH EASY ON/OFF SWITCH & VOLUME CONTROL – With Belmint baby monitor, you can hear everything. Equipped with the latest audio producing technology and LED indicator, both mom and dad can listen the sound of their baby loud and clear. With the audio output, this lets you connect to a wireless speaker with a 3.5mm jack and listen all the sounds your baby is making
  • ❃ PERFECT GIFT IDEA – You can think of buying this baby monitor as a gift for any pregnant couples. It makes the best gift for baby shower. The device includes: recording cable, headphone splitters and 2 sets of earphones.
  • ❃ LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We’re confident that you will love this amazing baby monitor. At Belmint, we provide every one of our customers with the most innovative products on the market. Your purchase is backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you find any issues with our product. Ship it back to us for a replacement if there’s a problem or full refund

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★ It’s a really emotional moment to hear your baby ♥. Listen to the sounds your baby makes with our personal baby monitor ★

The Best Gift for Ever for Couples

This baby monitor is the perfect device that allows you to be close to your baby’s actions. Both mom and dad will have a very special moment listening their baby which is a sign that he/she is doing fine., you can hear movement sounds, hiccups, and much more.

How to Use Belmint Baby Monitor

Our device is tailor-made for both couples to use this tool is the easiest way possible. First, you need to switch on the device and then put on the earphones, relax and enjoy the sounds of your baby.

What’s In The Box?

✔ 1 x Baby Monitor
✔ 2 x Earphones
✔ 1 x Recording Cable
✔ 1 x Headphone Splitter
✔ 1 x 9V Battery
✔ 1 x Instruction Manual

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