Oeuf Sparrow Conversion Kit, Walnut Review

Oeuf Sparrow Conversion Kit, Walnut

  • Sustainably produced in Europe in an FSC certified facility from solid birch and Baltic birch plywood
  • Finishes are non toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards
  • Easy to assemble by one person
  • Child is able to climb in and out of bed unassisted
  • Crib not included

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Product Description

The Sparrow Conversion Kit is an ideal match to your child’s new-found sense of independence. The low mattress position enables easy access and allows your child to climb in and out on their own.

From the Manufacturer

If you already own the Oeuf Sparrow crib, the conversion kit is a great way to convert it into a stylish toddler bed. Please note that this model of conversion kit is only compatible with cribs manufactured in January 2011 or later. The toddler bed reinforces a child’s sense of new-found independence by allowing them to climb in and out on their own. The cozy size, low mattress and side rails give your tot a sense of security and prevent night-time spills. Simply remove one of the larger sized panels from the Sparrow crib and replace it with the Sparrow toddler bed panel for a familiar and comfortable space to fit your growing child’s needs. It is sturdy and safe which is made from solid birch and Baltic birch plywood to provide a sturdy, secure structure. All United States, Canadian, Australian and European safety standards met or exceeded. It is eco-friendly, made in Latvia, a nation with a strong woodworking heritage, from locally sourced wood. Finishes are non-toxic and water-based, free of VOC health hazards. Made in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility.

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