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TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Crown Temperature Vibration Lullabies Rechargeable Battery USB… Review

LCD display with temperature vibration lullabies battery range alerts Real green technology with Zero radio emission at Night mode when it is quiet Lithium rechargeable battery included for up to 15 hours Micro USB connections for both indoor…

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TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Camry Rechargeable Battery USB Connection Paging Two Way Talk… Review

Digital and interference free technology for automatic 36 channels Lithium rechargeable battery included for up to 20 hours Micro USB connections for both indoor and outdoor use Decent night light controlled by parent unit and unique sound alert…

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TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor C240B 2.4 inch LCD Vibration Infrared Night Vision Two Way Talk Temperature… Review

1. Vibration.Vibration and, or acoustic sound works together to draw the attention of the parents to take care of the baby. 2. Lullabies Playing.Lull your baby to sleep with one of 8 lullabies or comfort him/her when he/she wakes up. 3. Two-way Talk.You could talk back to your baby to comfort him/her via talk button when he/she is crying. 4.  Temperature Monitoring and Warning.The LCD screen of parent unit can indicate the temperature of the baby room in real time. Beyond the range (60.8F – 86F) there will be acoustic warning. 5.  1600mAH Big Built In Battery of Parent Unit.Big built in battery offers a long duration up to 8 hours usage. › See more product details More

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