TV Child Proofing and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps, with 1 bolts Free Door Fingers Guard and 4 screws… Review

TV Child Proofing and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps, with 1 bolts Free Door Fingers Guard and 4 screws...

  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS-THE T.V. STRAPS COMES WITH 2 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS WHICH IS “A MUST” TO ANY FAMILY WITH KIDS-DOOR FINGERS GUARD AND CORNER PROTECTORES.Our brand of anti-tip TV straps are made from top quality materials to guarantee strength and to last a lifetime. It’s manufactured to meet the household optimum safety standard. Reinforced stitched strap for added weight capacity, strong buckle for strong hold, non-slip tight grip, durable mounting plates.
  • VERY EASY AND STRAIGHTFORWARD INSTALLATION –This product include a set of Anti-tip TV straps to connect to the TV, with a VESA connection from the TV sides, and to the TV shelf or furniture from the other side. All of these are easy installation process for an adult within a short time for appliances and baby’s safety,( but difficult for a baby or toddler to uninstall).Just follow the attached installing instructions page.
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY AND VERSATILE APPLICATION- The Anti-tip TV straps are designed to serve multiple purposes. It could be used to secure TVs, heavy home furniture, wardrobes, and decors but no scratches or damage to items result. It also can be adjusted accordingly to fit compatible with your object as you delight.
  • FAMILY AND POSSESSION SAFETY GUARANTEED- With this product your baby or toddler is safe from home tipping appliances, heavy furniture because you solidly proof object to the walls and your properties can be spare a lot of damages from sliding/falls. Your Anti-tip TV straps could save you a lot of troubles and put your mind at ease.
  • COLOR BLEND STRAP – These anti-tip TV straps come in popular color (Black) to blend with your TV and cabinet or shelf colors. No more unmatched colors or eyesore but add a great look to your TVs

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Do you want a High-quality Anti-tip TV strap to do the household appliances safety job instead of you supervising every move of your baby in the home? Do you want the easiest and cheapest way of securing your TV against tipping, falling? Are you searching for a top quality Anti-tip TV straps to replace the old or junky type? Introducing: our brand of 100% improved sets of Anti-tip TV straps with VESA connection , firmly anchors your TV, against TV shelf also used for other household items for child/ baby’s safety is your ideal search result!,–now comes with” FREE GIFT” a door fingers guard protector and four corner guards”.

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