3.5-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision, Soothing Lullabies, Two Way Audio and… Review

3.5-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision, Soothing Lullabies, Two Way Audio and...

  • ✅Excellent Picture and Sound Quality — It features 3.5’’ High Definition LCD color screen and therefore has a crystal clear picture. The image of your child is so clear that you can easily tell what they are up to. The camera can be placed up to 12 feet away and still get a crystal clear picture of your child’s crib.
  • ✅Private Digital Signal — 2.4GHz encrypted digital proprietary signal ensures that your connection remains private so you can be sure that no one else is getting a glimpse of your baby. It features 500ft transmission range under ideal conditions, so you can check in from anywhere in your house or yard.
  • ✅Two Way Communication — There is nothing more comforting to your baby than the sound of your voice. Our Talk to Baby feature lets you talk, listen and soothe from afar. Parents love this feature for communicating to each other and babies love this feature because they know Mom and Dad are near.
  • ✅Invisible Infrared Night Vision — The camera for BESTHING Baby Video Monitor is equipped with invisible IR (Infrared) LEDs which will activate automatically when the light sensor on the camera detects that the light levels are too low. Rest assured knowing you can see your baby clearly, even when it’s light out. You baby will sleep more soundly without the distracting red LED lights found on traditional cameras.
  • ✅Four Soothing Lullabies — The days of white noise machines are over. This baby monitor features four soothing lullabies to help lull baby to sleep. Remotely activated from the parent unit, experience the convenience that comes with never having to disturb your little one white they’re sleeping.

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Functional Video Baby Monitor
You only want the very best for baby—and the anxiety that comes with that only grows when baby’s asleep.
A reliable baby monitor ensures you’re able to safely and securely keep an eye on baby during nap time, overnight or anytime you need to step away for a moment.
With BESTHING 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor, you can view your baby on a screen that has HD resolution and night vision, hear the tiniest of cries, talk into a microphone and play your favorite songs.

➹ 3.5” High definition color monitor with vivid color and clarity
➹ Camera pan, tilt MANUALLY so that you can find the perfect angle to see your baby
➹ Up to 500ft of 2.4GHz encrypted digital transmission range
➹ 4 gentle lullabies remotely controlled from the parent unit to calm baby at nap and bedtime
➹ Expandable system up to 4 cameras (sold separately)
➹ Invisible LED night vision gives you a clear picture of your baby up to 12′ away
➹ Two-way communication with built in microphone to soothe your baby from afar
➹ Temperature monitoring
➹ Camera can be mounted to wall for a bird’s eye view of the nursery
➹ The camera in this system has zoom capabilities
➹ Adjustable screen brightness
➹ Volume control for parent unit
➹ Can set up to 4 alarms for different things like diaper change or feeding etc
➹ Energy saving mode. Screen would turn off when the camera unit does not catch any sound for 30 seconds and would awake automatically if notices noise
➹ 1 year manufacturers warranty
➹ Lifetime customer support

It can work from as much as 500ft away, sometimes even farther under ideal conditions. But this doesn’t mean it works that well when it has to go between walls and doors.
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